Fairytale PBL and STEM activities

We have been busy comparing character adventures and retelling stories.

We started with retelling the adventures of a story and learning the classic fairytale vs. revised/non traditional fairytale.

Driving Question for PBL: How can we, as authors, showcase fairytales?

Teacher’s dressed up and acted two sides of a fairytale. We told the story of the big bad wolf vs. the three little pigs.

Students studied Goldilocks and the three bears in two different versions of the story using EPIC app.
Students created retelling chatterpixs. Check out the videos:




Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 3.52.04 PM.pngStudents compared Little Red Riding Hood vs Super Red Riding Hood.

They were explain which story was the classic version vs. the revised version. Students then picked their favorite story to write their own version.  Students began with their favorite character and used their character to write a version of the story by writing a play, sentences for chatterbox, or a storybook.



PBL Example video 1

PBL example video 2


To find rubrics students used for their presentations and Fairytale PBL resources visit this resource:

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.06.15 PM.png

or click here

Students have also been using retelling of stories during Science Technology Engineering and Math Activities. (STEM)

Can you help the three little pigs build a model of a structure that can withstand the Big Bad Wolf trying to knock it down?


It has been such a fun time learning!!


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