Snowman Addition and Subtraction

We used this activity to practice our addition and subtraction. My students really enjoyed decorating their own snowman and then we could hang them around our classroom to decorate. My teacher bestie asked me to make it Kindergarten friendly so I added addition/subtraction to 5, 10, and 20. Check out her examples: Use this craft… Continue reading Snowman Addition and Subtraction


Carrying out a catapult for forces and motion

We started the year off with learning about force and motion. We continued this with states of matter as we observed working energy in systems and how it affected matter. One STEM activity we did was building the safest and tallest playground slide: We moved on to creating moving energy in systems using pumpkin catapults.… Continue reading Carrying out a catapult for forces and motion

Things I finally tried this year!

Students love technology and scented markers, but I personally think the things that make classroom management run smoothly is the teacher! I had to build strong relationships with my students before discovering their favorites which include Prodigy, scented markers, and of course all electronics. Here is a glimpse of our classroom and how students are… Continue reading Things I finally tried this year!

Fear Factor: Matter Edition

Our mini classroom transformation was inspired by Hope King, Elementary Shenanigans. Ms. Dyer, Teaching Talented Thinkers , approached me about transforming our classrooms. We saw her post about fear factor in their classroom and we ran with the idea. We didn’t go all out for our first classroom transformation, but even what we did do took some… Continue reading Fear Factor: Matter Edition

Saving Myself from Teacher Burnout

Teachers dedicate so much time and love to the profession. I know that's why it is such a personal job because of the relationships we get to build with students and the blood, sweat, and tears put into making learning fun for them. My first year teaching I lived at school. I now know that… Continue reading Saving Myself from Teacher Burnout